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Empowering Ghana’s Agricultural Sector

The Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool (GAIP) has introduced the first crop insurance to Ghana. Our insurance products support farmers and agricultural investors. A key threat for Ghana’s agricultural sector are extreme weather events, which are expected to be aggravated by the projected adverse effects of climate change, financial risk, market risk, etc. Drought, floods, pest and diseases, wind, fire  and other perils jeopardise agricultural investments. GAIP offers the financial mechanism to cope with these risks. The combination of scientific research, international expertise and local experience allows us to provide you with reliable insurance products tailored to your needs.

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 Our Latest News


Agricultural insurance in Ghana gets boost from USAID-FinGAP

The Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool (GAIP) has received a $150,000 grant from USAID-Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (USAID-FinGAP) to enable GAIP to offer, market, and sell insurance products to agribusinesses and financial institutions in Ghana. An agreement to this effect has been signed by the two organizations. GAIP, constituted by 17 […]

General Manager of GAIP

In September 2013, the Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool welcomes its new General Manager: Mr. Ali Muhammad Katu. With over twelve years of experience in the insurance industry, Mr. Katu will provide focused leadership and business expertise to the daily operations of the Technical Management Unit of GAIP, as well as […]

GAIP steps into using mobile tech

This season, GAIP used automated SMS services for the first time to reach out to more than 800 farmers in the three northern regions by informing them about crop insurance. This new means of communication now allows GAIP to regularly be in touch with interested farmers. The special technology used is […]

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Ghana Agricultural Insurance Maize Crop

Our Products

GAIP’s provides an agricultural insurance products targeted at the needs of Ghana’s agricultural sector. Insurance cover is available for smallholders, commercial  and nucleus farmers as well as input dealers and financial institutions. GAIP’s product portfolio comprises both index insurance (weather) and indemnity  insurance (named peril or multi-peril) for crops.

Ghana Agricultural Insurance Weather Station

About Us

The Ghana Agricultural Insurance Programme is based on a pool of 17 Ghanaian Insurance companies and 2 Ghanaian Reinsurance companies. Its activities are coordinated by a steering committee and a  management board. The Technical Committee on Agricultural Insurance and the GIZ-IIPACC project function as advisory bodies. The daily operations are handled  by technical experts who look forward to finding a solution to your crop insurance inquiries. [Learn more…]

Ghana Agricultural Insurance Farmer Payout

Scientific Background

Agricultural insurance can serve as a risk management tool for climate change adaptation and is now available in Ghana. The Ghana Agricultural Insurance  Programme offers the first crop insurance products for Ghana. It performs scientific pilot studies around the nation to adapt its agricultural insurance policies to the  local conditions. [Learn more…]